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Where Esther works to make your language learning journey FUN, AUTHENTIC, REWARDING, and MEMORABLE.

Ready to start developing a language learning habit in...

Basque, English, or Spanish?

If so, then you're in the right place!

If we haven't met yet, let me introduce myself.  My name's Esther.  I'm a happy-go-lucky veteran educator of 24 years, born & raised on a farm to immigrant Basque parents, and I love challenges!

And as a teacher, course creator, and mentor, my mission is to empower you, if you're looking to learn a new language like I did, by...

  • cultivating a successful language learner with productive study habits, skills and a growth mindset, so that you...
  • harvest the ability to communicate & interact with the language & culture to 
  • reap the rewards of participating in conversations & events locally or around the world. 


Stop wasting more time thinking about starting (like I did)

And instead, take the first step today!

Available Products

[WAITLIST]: Euskaldun Berri Elkartea | The New Basque Speaker Club

The Euskaldun Berri Elkartea is a membership for New Basque Speakers who want to learn how to communicate in the Basque language and connect with fellow Basque learners, worldwide.  Plus, as a member of EBE, you get access to a community of Basque Learners like you and live calls to not only ask questions but to practice the language.

Basque for Beginners


Pintxo Pote Time: A mini-Basque Course

The Essential Word List to kick start learning Basque.  

You'll start off by learning basics and vocabulary to experience an important aspect of the Basque culture: food & drink! 

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